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allstarcheering's Journal

All Star Cheerleaders
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Hello everyone!

This is a community for anyone on an all star cheerleading squad, who used to be on an all star squad, or is interested in joining one. This is a place where you can ask questions and chat with other all star cheerleaders.

Not a all star cheerleader but want to be one? Click your state to find teams in your area!

You need to join to post, but once you've joined, you are welcome to post!

Monique also known as _blonderedhead: Galaxy Cheer Stars Senior Team; Bath, Maine
Katie G also known as fallonfan: South Carolina Spirit Senior Team; Myrtle Beach, SC
Lina also known as _____yuuup: Lake City Senior Premier; Laconia, New Hampshire
Dee also known as _d33: Elite Cheer Cobras (Senior) & Elite Cheer Lazers (Junior Colliegate); Chesterfield, Michigan
Danielle also known as danyellll: California All Stars Large Senior Advanced; Southern California