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All Star Cheerleaders' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
All Star Cheerleaders

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Hello [21 Oct 2009|09:00pm]

Hi everyone, my name is Jazmyn and I'm going to be 18 in november. I used to cheer for West Coast All Stars in Walnut, CA and I plan on trying out for the Arizona Myths for the 2010-2011 season when I move next year. For now I'm just taking tumbling classes and going to open gym. How is everyone?
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[21 May 2006|09:46pm]

Hey everyone!
I'm Katie, I'm on the LiBCheer Junior Collegiate all star team based in Port Huron, Michigan.
This coming year is only our second year in existence. Last year (our first year) we won all of our competitions including the State Championship, and we only had 15 people on the team. This year we have 25 people so far and we'll be taking more people until September. Our first competition is in November (I think). We are going to the All Star Challenge in Dallas in January. I'm not sure about any other dates yet. Umm..what else? I'm a backspot, the tallest girl on the team. And one of the youngest, at only 16. I don't know, just ask if you'd like to know anything else!
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JuMpS? [15 Feb 2006|05:14pm]
It is abvious this community is for pro's so that's why I ask what are the BEST tips for improveing and strengthening your jumps?? I am 5'9 and have really long legs that I feel like aren't doing much in the air right now haha but I'd like to change this problem.......andy of your best tips would be greatly appreciated
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this is posted everywhere [14 Jan 2006|06:53pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hey girls and guys. i work at a gym in jax,fl and i am curently starting up an all star squad. i was really looking for people in the area who would be interested. you can comment on my page, here, im me at malthegal2 or email me at koolypop@comcast.net

i am looking for guys and girls any age. doesn't matter how much experience. even if your not interested could you try to pass the word on? thanks so much!!!


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[28 Oct 2005|06:31pm]

How is cheerleading going for everyone?

My team I joined has basically folded. They were a new team and it just didn't work out I guess.
So I am no longer an all star cheerleader.
But I plan on cheering for my school team.
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hey everyone! [26 Oct 2005|09:53am]

So my All*star competition
is Canceled. So I wont be going to that. But I think
our 1st competiton is in November.

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[22 Oct 2005|11:07am]

Hey Im new here! My anme is Bailey. I cheer for Cheer Cantral All Stars, I'm a crossover for Small Junior team level 3 and small Senior team level 4. OUr First competition is the Jamfest in Detriot on October 29th and I'm really excited. Cheer;eading is baiscally my life. ;)
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[17 Oct 2005|03:55pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I have two competitions right after the next.
The first one is November 5th 2005 for my All*star team,
The second one is November 6th 2005 for my Highschool team.

ahhh, so crazy, and I keep getting mixed up with all of my
stunting and my positions with my All*star and my highschool
team. Crazy eh?

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[25 Sep 2005|07:29pm]

Hey I am new!

My names Jane. I am 14 and live in Michigan around Detriot. I am a freshman at L'anse Creuse High School. (But I am sure no one really knows what that is because I doubt that few people in this community are even from michigan : )

I have been in cheerleading for a while now but I just joined an all star team this year. I cheer for Elite Cheer and I am on a team called the vipers. We are only a small senior prep level 2 team though : /

The team I am on is only attending 3 competitions that we know of right now which are:
Big Jam (Jamfest)-Detroit-October
Local Competition-Detroit-November
Battle at the Beach-Mrtyle Beach-March

If you have any questions just ask!
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© [19 Aug 2005|04:09pm]

[ mood | Im so bored. ]

Our First all*star competition is October 23rd 2005.
In Six Flags, Spring Feild Massachusetts.

I hope we do well, and all. Im so excited.
Oh yeah and btw, My co-ed partner Matt doesn't want to
co-ed stunt with me anymore because hes scared he is
going to hurt me again. And it makes me upset because
I love co-ed stunting and hes been my co-ed partner
forever. He says that he dont want to drop me again.

cause one time at practice we were practicing, and he
dropped me and I went face first. yeah it hurt. but
yeah.. what should I do?


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[19 Aug 2005|12:37am]

Hey, I noticed the mod of this community posted in another all star community and it said what other teams you liked watching and you said fortier faimly cheer center (planet cheer) And I was like "aww that's so nice!" Cuz obviously I cheer there and I just wanted to say thanks : )
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[16 Aug 2005|10:43am]

hi girls =) i just joined, so i figured i would post.

i used to be a member of this community (pink_bullet07), but i got this new journal and just haven't joined until today [due to my being bored on my last day of work].

my names danielle, im 16, from southern california.
i cheer for california all stars large senior advanced/excel? not sure what we are.
this is my third year of all stars, but i've been cheering since i was 7 or 8.
the past two years i was on senior novice.
but finally moved up this year =)
i personally think that school cheer is a waste of time.
i HATED cheering for games, and i love to compete.
so all stars is the best for me =)
after last season, a teammate of mine passed away in a car accident.
ever since then, i haven't been the same person. her death has changed me completely.
but my team has come together so much, as has our whole gym.

this year, we're going to five nationals [i think]...
---CTC in Las Vegas [mid-december]
---Spirit Sports in San Diego [february?]
---NCA in Dallas [february, sooo excited =D]
---CTC in Anehiem [march]
---JAMZ in Vegas [march i think]

anyways, i'm excited to be a part of this community =)

♥ danielle
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Hello again! =) [10 Aug 2005|12:40pm]


Your name, Team name, city, state, and level (senior, ect.)


Name: Delicia Legato (Dee)

Team Name: Elite Cheer-Michigan (company name) Elite Cheer Cobras (Senior Team Name) Elite Cheer Lazers (Open Team Name)

Location: Chesterfield, Michigan

Level: Cobras~Large Senior Level 4~~~~Lazers~Junior Colliegate/International Open Co-Ed

Competitions for the 05-06 year:  October 2005~The Big Jam~Detroit, MI
                                                             January 2006~JamFest Super Nationals~Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                             February 2006~Sunshine Shootout~Orlando, Florida
                                                             March 2006~Battle @ The Beach~Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good Luck to everyone this season<33

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<3 [10 Aug 2005|10:59am]

Well saw this site up in the "CHEERLEADERS" community and I am an All*Star Cheerleader so yeah I came here, well my All*star team is "Lake City Senior Premier" and The Gym is called Lake City Cheer Gym, and the teams name is The "Wildcats" and umm, alot of people Cheer at Lake City, there is a Mini team, Senior Premier team which is us we are a new team that started at the gym, Junior team, Peewee team & Senior Coed team. Senior Premier is also Co-ed we have two guys =].

Well our First all*star Competition is October 23rd 2005, at Six Flags in Massachusetts. and I am very excited! <3 If any of you are going there let me know! it will be awsome to see your team and you.

!!Comment me please!!

???Can anyone give me any tips to do a double down???
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Your team? [09 Aug 2005|09:01pm]

Hey everyone.

In the info I am going to make a list of all the members and their info.

So could everyone reply with

Your name, Team name, city, state, and level (senior, ect.)

Thank you!
Your lovely mod :)
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Guys! [09 Aug 2005|08:43pm]

Please post. If nobody posts here, I might have to close this community, and I really don't want to.

I will comment in a moment to update you about my team.

Also, please promote this community! Thanks!
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[06 May 2005|01:34pm]

i have a competition this weekend and we want a new way to do our makeup. we want it to be show-y but not really tacky.

our colors are navy blue, baby blue and silver/white

if anyone knows any good sites to look at for makeup ideas, or if you have pictures of your team's makeup please reply with it.

please please help. competition is sunday and today is friday. i know that i probably should have posted this earlier but ive been really busy with extra stunt group practises.
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YAY I MADE IT! [11 Mar 2005|07:48pm]

I made this community when I was planning on trying out for an all star squad, and for the past two days I've had tryouts.

I'm now an all star cheerleader! I made the squad.
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[25 Feb 2005|10:19pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello everyone my name is Melissa and I am 14 years old. I cheer for Ice Athletics Senior Elite! I love my team :) I've cheered for 4 years and I love it!! Is anyone going to the Badger Cheer and Dance competition this weekend in Madison Wisconsin? If so tell me what division you are gonna be in! My team this year has won all competitions but one. We are goin to Las Vegas for the World Competition cuz we won grand champs at WSF.

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new layout [22 Feb 2005|08:41am]

Hope you guys like it.

I also have 2 little banner things for you to use to try to promote this communty. If you can, try and get some more members!

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