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Hello again! =)

Your name, Team name, city, state, and level (senior, ect.)


Name: Delicia Legato (Dee)

Team Name: Elite Cheer-Michigan (company name) Elite Cheer Cobras (Senior Team Name) Elite Cheer Lazers (Open Team Name)

Location: Chesterfield, Michigan

Level: Cobras~Large Senior Level 4~~~~Lazers~Junior Colliegate/International Open Co-Ed

Competitions for the 05-06 year:  October 2005~The Big Jam~Detroit, MI
                                                             January 2006~JamFest Super Nationals~Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                             February 2006~Sunshine Shootout~Orlando, Florida
                                                             March 2006~Battle @ The Beach~Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good Luck to everyone this season<33

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